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The story behind Granhøj Landbrugsmaskiner


The company Granhøj was established in 1958 as a small machine pool, which throughout the 1960s grew into a larger company with its own repair shop .

Granhøj current owner , Jakob Jensen, was hired in 1969 as a tractor driver and later as an employee in the workshop , which had begun to repair the farmers in the area.

In 1980 Granhøj dealer of Russian tractors and in 1984 by the East German combine harvesters.

Jacob Jensen took over Granhøj in 1989 and changed the company’s course from being an agricultural to this day to be a modern machine shop with 14 employees , which still operated a smaller contractors.

In 1993 acquired Massey Ferguson Agency , and in 2003 Fendt negotiation , which today are the backbone of the business.

With seven service trucks , private truck with crane and container trucks, and modern workshop facilities with laptops, we are able to solve the tasks in the future will be made ​​of modern , efficient farmer.

Contact information


Phone.: +4556470020

Fax.: +45470083

Email.: granhoej@granhoej-bornholm.dk

CVR-num.: 13322945


Bank information

Bank.: Nordea

Reg num.: 0658

Account num.: 6625 607 017

IBAN:  DK3820006625607017

Swiftadress: NDEADKKK

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